Mr. Pan Jianyun (Chairman of Jinchuan Mining)

Responsible for the construction, production and daily operations at the Gold Mountain Mine 16-year experience in exploration and extraction activities, of which 11 years related to gold mines

  • 1980 to 1997, worked at Sinohydro Bureau 16 Company

  • 1997 to 2004, served as deputy general manager of Xinhuadu Engineering, responsible for drilling and blasting, excavation, loading, transportation as well as the procurement, assembly, disassembly, maintenance and refitting of mine equipment and supply of parts for the Fujian Zijin Mountain Gold and Copper Mine

  • 2004 to 2009, acted as manager of the Qinghai Branch of Xinhuadu Engineering, responsible for mining and stripping activities, model selection, procurement and maintenance of facilities of Qinghai Deerni Copper Mine

  • Vice President of the Association of Gold of Xinjiang A Grade Two mining constructor


Mr. Luo Xianren (General Manager of Jinchuan Mining)

  • 30-year gold mining industry experience

  • Aged 52, responsible for the overall operation of Gold Mountain Mine

  • Formerly worked as the deputy chief metallurgy engineer in Tungsten Group Jiangxi Dajishan Tungsten Industry Limited Group, and the general manager of two subsidiaries of Yunnan Gold & Mining Group Co., Ltd

  • B.A. in Ore Processing Engineering; Mine Senior Engineer

Mr. Ge Xinqi (Chief Metallurgy Engineer of Jinchuan Mining)

  • 15-year gold mining industry experience

  • Aged 44, responsible for metallurgical technique

  • Formerly worked at Yunnan Gold & Mining Group Co., Ltd, two gold mines of Eldorado Gold Gorp. in China, and Shaanxi Taibai Gold Mining Limited Liability Company, responsible for metallurgical technique

  • B.A. in Ore Processing Engineering


Mr. Li Weiguo (Chief Geologist of Jinchuan Mining)

  • 30-year mining industry experience

  • Aged 59, responsible for geological prospecting and exploration

  • Formerly worked at Sichuan Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., and Hunan Zijin Mining, in charge of exploration and mining

  • B.A. in Mine Exploration; Mine Geology and Exploration Engineer